brishack_admin • 7 April 2017

Who we are

Bristol Hackspace is a social enterprise which aims to open up technology to anybody who takes an interest in it.

We want to ‘open’ technology both in the sense of taking things apart to learn how they work, and how to mend or adapt them; and in the sense of sharing the knowledge we gain from doing so. We are committed to the principles of Open Source and Open Knowledge.

If the words ‘hack’ or hacker’ make you slightly nervous you should read What is a Hacker? by Eric Raymond.

[There are] a bunch of definitions of the term ‘hacker’, most having to do with technical adeptness and a delight in solving problems and overcoming limits. … There are people who apply the hacker attitude to other things, like electronics or music — actually, you can find it at the highest levels of any science or art. … The basic difference is this: hackers build things, crackers break them.

We run a small lab based in BV Studios in Bedminster. The hackspace is on the  corner of Philip Street and Stillhouse Lane. Here we are on Google Maps.

It is currently only open to members most days although we do run public access courses and workshops. We welcome enquiries from potential new members and anybody else who is interested in what we do. We meet in the lab almost every Thursday evening at 7pm and coming along to on of those is probably the best way to see if you would like to get involved. Feel free to drop us a line, sign up to our mailing list or chat with us on IRC.

Many of us are also active members of Dorkbot Bristol which has its own mailing list and holds monthly meetings at the Pervasive Media Studio.